The Truth is Out There (for one more day)

Well, that headline might grab a few X-Files fans. This is the final day of The Truth is Out There Sci- Fi Group Giveaway featuring lots of free books from talented authors which can be yours for just $0.00 - NOTHING. If Sci-Fi isn't your thing then you can try Monster Ghosts and Scary Beasts … Continue reading The Truth is Out There (for one more day)


October 1st- Instafreebie Giveaway Day

There are several big Giveaways launching on Instafreebie today (see links below), a good chance to grab free books or previews that may hook you. One might assume that Instafreebie books are self-published dross (except for mine obviously) but one would be wrong. I've sampled a few over the last year or so and they … Continue reading October 1st- Instafreebie Giveaway Day

The Martian Wave: 2018

As I have a story in this year’s issue I’m obviously biased but previous editions have been very good.


The Martian Wave 2018 will take you to worlds you could never imagine, and introduce you to aliens you never thought possible. Join the explorers of the galaxy as they visit the planets of our solar system, and planets and star systems beyond.
Featuring fiction from G.O. Clark, S.A. Dance, Eddie D. Moore, Benjamin Whitney Norris, Tyree Campbell, Glen R. Stripling, Eamonn Murphy, Lisa Timpf, Sara L. Uckelman, Francis W. Alexander, Russell Hemmell, and Nicholas Stillman, everyone is sure to find a story they love. And with poetry from Samson Stormcrow Hayes, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Kendall Evans, Lisa Timpf, Greg Schwartz, WC Roberts, Benjamin Whitney Norris, and David Ralph Lewis, you’re sure to have your senses overloaded with the beauty and terror of the universe.

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