Wix vs WordPress – same thing

After struggling for ages to set up this wordpress site so that it made some sense – and failing – I decided to try Wix, as recommended by someone. It’s about the same. There are lots of blurbs telling you how easy and wonderful it is and plenty of annoying spinning visuals and pop ups to get in the way but no helpful information.

On Wix, I clicked on help, read it, and couldn’t get rid of it! The help screen blocked me from doing what it was telling me how to do? Is it so difficult to put a red x in the top right hand corner to get rid of the darn thing?

This morning I’ve had fun with wordpress. I have pages for short stories, reviews, and a big grey area about widgets. It is not possible to find out what a widget is except that they are wonderful and you can move them all over the place. My pages are blank because it’s all on the front page. I did find some info on moving stuff to the sub pages but when I did it, it didn’t work.

Even so, I’ve a mind to stick with wordpress. There’s very little point in changing to something that isn’t any easier.

I just bought a couple of free books on kindle that might help. I realize I’m crap at technology but surely it shouldn’t be this difficult.







New story in June issue of The Fifth Dimension

My political SF story Campaign Trail features in the June issue of The Fifth Dimension, published by Nomadic Delirium Press. It’s available from their store and also on Smashwords and Amazon.

It’s about how big corporations influence elections, relevant given that Trump has just quit the planet’s biggest environmental program. He says its for jobs for the workers. Ha! It’s profits for the corporations that interest him. Or perhaps he really enjoyed the film Waterworld and wants to make it happen.


My latest published story is Brickworm which appears is issue #2 of Empyreome, which is free to read online.


I started with the old joke about the Irish woodworm found dead in a brick. Totally unacceptable, of course, but the notion of a worm that really could eat brick appealed to me. Obviously it would come from outer space. I started with a chapter heading that spoofed H.G. Wells opening for War of the Worlds (see review here) then managed to find other famous stories to twist for the next chapters. I say chapters but they’re just sections of the story really. This was fun to write.

The Fifth Dimension

Following a boom in acceptances that have hit the stands recently  – a boom for me is three – I have a long yarn in the March 2017 issue of The Fifth Dimension.

The Fifth Dimension March 20170317

The Fifth Dimension is published my Nomadic Delirium Press and is another good small press publisher putting out the work of lesser known authors. And they too publish on paper as well and send a real mashed tree copy to the author!

I was especially pleased to sell ‘The Union Man’ as it’s quite long – about 8,000 words – and has been in the trunk for a while. Luckily editor J. Alan Erwine has a bent for stories with a political slant so he liked it.

I reviewed the June 2016 issue of The Fifth Dimension on sfcrowsnest.org. I can’t do this one. It’s a bit dodgy to review your own story. People might think you’re biased.




Trysts of Fate

I had another story published in the February issue of Trysts of Fate # 7 which is put out by Alban Lake Publishing. My romantic yarn is called ‘Pluck It Out’ and although the reference is Biblical the story is science-fiction, though set in the present day.


I like being published anywhere and online is great but the best thing about Alban Lake is that they also do hard copies – and send the author one for free! As they are in the U.S. and I’m in England this is greatly appreciated.

They publish a number of SF and fantasy magazines as well as anthologies and stand alone novels and novelettes. The website is worth a look.

Unfinished Business

I’ve decided to try and finish all my unfinished novels this year. They may not be very good but at least they’ll be done. Heinlein’s second rule was ‘Finish what you write.’ Actually some are more novellas than novels but they are longer than short stories. I’ll probably self-publish them to the deserved obscurity of Amazon kindle where they can sit unloved on electronic shelves alongside Arnos Hell.

Dark Sherlock

I quite enjoyed the new episode of Sherlock on Sunday but not sure I like it going all dark. My girlfriend left when the man sat in the chair started getting beaten and I was tempted to turn it off. Drama nowadays seems to consist of men – or women – being tied to chairs and beaten. This has made me stop watching Agents of Shield and Gotham. I don’t mind a bit of action, or even violence but this new fashion for torture is off putting. I only put up with it in Sherlock because the program is so clever in other ways.