The Fifth Di…September 2018

I don't know why The Fifth Dimension doesn't give it's full name or why it's been shortened. Perhaps the cover isn't big enough for it. CLICK HERE FOR UNIVERSAL LINK In any case, the latest issue is out now for just $1.99 as an e-book featuring my story Custer's Paradox. It's a comedy I wrote years … Continue reading The Fifth Di…September 2018


Isn’t it Grand

I haven't been active on line lately because my silver haired Daddy died. The last few weeks in hospital and the funeral took up a lot of time and mental energy. It wasn't possible to focus on ray-guns and rocket ships. Dad was 85 and had a rich full life. An active man, he was … Continue reading Isn’t it Grand

Sometimes Passive voice is best.

I wrote this sentence in a review of Bloodbond May 2018: 'The premise of Bloodbond seems to be that vampires can be put in many different settings. They are no longer lonely, aristocratic outsiders mugging people in dark alleys or seducing maidens. But that was such fun!' My Pro-Writer software (which is very useful) objected … Continue reading Sometimes Passive voice is best.

Smashwords Summer Sale!

Smashwords have a sale on with not-very-old magazines going for a dollar. Alban Lake Publishing has some good stuff going cheap. I bought a copy of Bloodbond (May 2018) for just $1. Bloodbond features stories about vampires, werewolves and shapeshifters. Also for a dollar, Disturbed Digest (June 2018). Horror and the macabre. Of course, there's … Continue reading Smashwords Summer Sale!