My posts are not ‘awesome’

Often when I write a blog post I get emails from WordPress telling me that ‘so-and-so liked your post’ and ‘They thought My dog wears hats’ was pretty awesome.’ Well, it wasn’t. This is pure hyperbole and the language of advertising. I love WordPress and embrace the opportunity it gives for ordinary folks to have … Continue reading My posts are not ‘awesome’


Free books on Bookfunnel

Here are more free books, if you want them. A good selection of SF and fantasy from a wide variety of authors. The promo starts today and ends on the 22 June 2018. My impression is that Bookfunnel is more for distributing ARC's and copies to devoted fans than big Giveaways but it does those … Continue reading Free books on Bookfunnel

Real Books v E-Readers (or Space: The Final Frontier)

I was wandering through the greensward with my dogs the other morning, contemplating how to improve my stories and decided I should re-read a bit of Silverberg. His wonderful short fiction has been collected by the highly esteemed Subterranean Press into a series of volumes many of which I have reviewed for SF crowsnest. Then … Continue reading Real Books v E-Readers (or Space: The Final Frontier)