Why write when there are plenty of stories already?

Why write when there are plenty of stories already? Frankly, I don't know. Why should people read my five thousand words of fluff when there are a million stories out there already, many of them free? You can get most of the classics for peanuts or nothing as ebooks. A person with literary tastes is … Continue reading Why write when there are plenty of stories already?


Wild Child

As a change from the usual ray guns, robots and rockets I wrote some 'Womag' (soppy girly) stories last year. I couldn't sell them to the popular publications - they get about 400 submissions a week - but had 'Wild Child' accepted for fiction on the web. It's free! https://www.fictionontheweb.co.uk/ Those who prefer ray guns … Continue reading Wild Child

Sometimes Passive voice is best.

I wrote this sentence in a review of Bloodbond May 2018: 'The premise of Bloodbond seems to be that vampires can be put in many different settings. They are no longer lonely, aristocratic outsiders mugging people in dark alleys or seducing maidens. But that was such fun!' My Pro-Writer software (which is very useful) objected … Continue reading Sometimes Passive voice is best.