May 2018 Fantasy Extravaganza

Just a note to say that the May 2018 Fantasy Extravaganza giveaway on Instafreebie has only five days left. Don't miss your chance to grab a free book. There are one hundred and forty to choose from and they're all free. Even mine.  


No More Newsletters?

  I received this from Instafreebie a few days ago. (apologies for the formatting) Instafreebie and GDPR     As authors and marketers, issues of data and consent are critical to your business. That’s why we wanted to reach out and let you know what changes we're making in advance of the General Data Protection … Continue reading No More Newsletters?

Spaceports and Spidersilk April 2018

The latest issue of Spaceports and Spidersilk is out from Nomadic Delirium Press and features my story 'Sneezy and the Pre-Cog' the fourth Sneezy story but they can be read independently. Sneezy is a telepathic big cat helping a pioneer family on a new world.  Spaceports is an SF and Fantasy magazine suitable for children and … Continue reading Spaceports and Spidersilk April 2018

John Wayne, Rejections and Attention Seeking.

I saw some John Wayne film once in which he did something heroic and was invalided out of the U.S. Navy then took up writing. A friend asked him how it was going. 'Twenty-six stories, twenty-six rejections,' drawled big John. I don't know why but I always remembered that, probably from my childhood dreams of … Continue reading John Wayne, Rejections and Attention Seeking.

Last few days

Bargain books on sale from this SF and Fantasy small press. You can load your e-reader for months ahead


The year is almost over, which means your chance to save on NDP titles is almost over. Go to and order today.

Would you like some examples? How about these…

The latest issue of The Fifth Di… for just 99 cents:

Disharmony of the Spheres for just $2:

The latest issue of The Martian Wave for just $2:

Delivery from The Divided States of America for just $1.12:

Back to the Old Ways from The Divided States of America for FREE:

Ecotastrophe II for just $2:

3 of a Perfekt Pear for just 99 cents:

The Butterfly and the Sea Dragon for just $2.99:

Crisis Averted for just $2.99:

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