Instafreebie Giveaway

There's a new Giveaway on Instafreebie (well, there always is) but this one has previews of my Choices and Other Stories and Arnos Hell. There's stuff by lots of other writers too and all free so why not try the May 2018 Fantasy Extravaganza ? Kudos to Emerald Dodge for organising it all.


Mailchimp no more

Today I gave up on Mailchimp. Last night I spent two hours trying to design a newsletter. This morning I spent three more. When I tried to send it some annoying red writing told me there was default text still in it. I looked until I was blue in the face but could find no … Continue reading Mailchimp no more

Fun with Widgets

I've been experimenting with my widgets today (see sidebar) and made some progress. The wordpress built in widgets have some pretty good functions. I've managed to add images of my books to the right side and a few other items to make it look more snazzy. In another few decades I'll get the hang of wordpress.