Two stories in one magazine

.Alban Lake have just released the latest issue of Frostfire Worlds May 2018 and I have two stories in it. (They must be short of contributors) Chicken Feed is about a town pestered by Harpies. Captain Hastings and the Flying Saucer is about a free trader falling foul of aliens when he goes mining in … Continue reading Two stories in one magazine


The Submissions Black Hole

As a follow up to yesterday's positive post on The Submission Grinder I had, while Grinding, some negative thoughts about response times. Now I know that small press magazines are often run by part-timers, that they receive zillions of stories and have many other tasks to do apart from reading. No doubt it's difficult. But … Continue reading The Submissions Black Hole

Why stories get rejected

I regularly read and review On Spec: The Canadian Magazine of the Fantastic and also follow them online. It's a great magazine. Today I received an interesting communication about why stories get rejected with a link to this article by editor Barb Galler-Smith. Why Stories Get Rejected (Even Good Ones) The email which conveyed this … Continue reading Why stories get rejected

A rush of stories in print

It’s a funny old game, writing, especially short stories. The gap between writing, acceptance and publication can be as much as a year. There are often months on end when you have nothing coming out and wonder if it’s all a waste of time. This month I have two stories published and one little book. … Continue reading A rush of stories in print