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The Truth is Out There (for one more day)

Well, that headline might grab a few X-Files fans. This is the final day of The Truth is Out There Sci- Fi Group Giveaway featuring lots of free books from talented authors which can be yours for just $0.00 - NOTHING. If Sci-Fi isn't your thing then you can try Monster Ghosts and Scary Beasts … Continue reading The Truth is Out There (for one more day)

October 1st- Instafreebie Giveaway Day

There are several big Giveaways launching on Instafreebie today (see links below), a good chance to grab free books or previews that may hook you. One might assume that Instafreebie books are self-published dross (except for mine obviously) but one would be wrong. I've sampled a few over the last year or so and they … Continue reading October 1st- Instafreebie Giveaway Day