Free books on Bookfunnel

Here are more free books, if you want them. A good selection of SF and fantasy from a wide variety of authors. The promo starts today and ends on the 22 June 2018. My impression is that Bookfunnel is more for distributing ARC's and copies to devoted fans than big Giveaways but it does those … Continue reading Free books on Bookfunnel


Free Books on Instafreebie

When an author puts his or her books on an Instafreebie Giveaway he (or she) raises his or her right hand and solemnly swears to spread the link on Social Media, yea and even unto his (or her) newsletter (if he (or she) has one). Gladly doing my duty as an Instafreebie Giveaway author I … Continue reading Free Books on Instafreebie

Bookfunnel: You can join Giveaways on the first time author plan

IĀ  queried Bookfunnel on this and got the following reply(and promptly): Hi, Eamonn! You can join promotions on the First-Time Author plan! You create a download page that does not collect emails and then include a call-to-action inside the book file (meaning, an invite to join your list with a link that takes them to … Continue reading Bookfunnel: You can join Giveaways on the first time author plan

Marketing is getting harder for self-publishers

I had an email from Bookfunnel a few days ago to warn me that Outlook is blocking stuff from MailerLite and other platforms as spam. This matters for authors who send out newsletters and other promotional material via these platforms. It also matters to the likes of Bookfunnel and Instafreebie because their selling point for … Continue reading Marketing is getting harder for self-publishers