Real Books v E-Readers (or Space: The Final Frontier)

I was wandering through the greensward with my dogs the other morning, contemplating how to improve my stories and decided I should re-read a bit of Silverberg. His wonderful short fiction has been collected by the highly esteemed Subterranean Press into a series of volumes many of which I have reviewed for SF crowsnest. Then … Continue reading Real Books v E-Readers (or Space: The Final Frontier)


Why stories get rejected

I regularly read and review On Spec: The Canadian Magazine of the Fantastic and also follow them online. It's a great magazine. Today I received an interesting communication about why stories get rejected with a link to this article by editor Barb Galler-Smith. Why Stories Get Rejected (Even Good Ones) The email which conveyed this … Continue reading Why stories get rejected

And Rejection makes you feel bad.

Just for balance. My story 'Pee Pees' was rejected by Phantaxis magazine, an excellent production of Canadian SF that I have reviewed on SFcrowsnest. Naturally, the best way for a magazine to succeed is by printing the best stories and rejecting all the others, especially mine. I don't hold it against them. It really is … Continue reading And Rejection makes you feel bad.