Dark Sherlock

I quite enjoyed the new episode of Sherlock on Sunday but not sure I like it going all dark. My girlfriend left when the man sat in the chair started getting beaten and I was tempted to turn it off. Drama nowadays seems to consist of men – or women – being tied to chairs and beaten. This has made me stop watching Agents of Shield and Gotham. I don’t mind a bit of action, or even violence but this new fashion for torture is off putting. I only put up with it in Sherlock because the program is so clever in other ways.


New Reviews on SF Crowsnest

I have just come out of hospital with a bit of heart trouble and have some spare time while recovering. I should be writing my own stories but have instead been catching up on my reviews for sfcrowsnest for writing my own stories is just selfish but promoting others is selfless and didn’t George Harrison sing that ‘when you’ve seen beyond yourself then you may find peace of mind is waiting there.’ He did! Also, reviews are easier.

So I have promoted The Essential Doctor Strange Vol 1 to tie in with the new movies starring Benedict Cumberbatch out soon. I have publicized In the Beginning by Robert Silverberg, a collection of his 1950’s pulp work with great introductions telling about the SF writers and editors of the time. I’ve boosted The Jack Kirby Collector with a nice review and, best of all, given some publicity to The Fifth Dimension edited by J.Allen Irwine, a little magazine that costs just $1.99 electronically and contains some very good stories. I also did a piece on Treachery’s Tools, the latest book in The Imager Portfolio from L.E. Modesitt, jr but that doesn’t come out until November so the review won’t be on the site yet.

And in between I gave the duck pen a coat of B&Q forest green wood preserver to keep it waterproof for winter. Got to keep fit as well as write.



Writing Today

Today I managed to write a 2000 word story entitled ‘The Shadow Dancers’. It’s a romance with a hint of fantasy that I am hoping to sell to one of the women’s magazines. In the afternoon I saw an old friend for coffee and then managed to mow inside the duck pen. Our two new Cherry Valley ducks aren’t big enough to go out yet but I’m keeping it nice for them. I also did my civic duty and voted in the big referendum. It will be interesting to see the result tomorrow.