Here are some books. The top of the page features those published by small presses which are available nearly everywhere. The bottom half of the page has those published by me, which are also available in most places and free everywhere except Amazon and the Infinite Realms Bookstore where they are very cheap. If you don’t mind paying, buy them at the Infinite Realms Bookstore and support the small press.


From Alban Lake Publishing

The Brigstowe Dragons 1                                                               The Brigstowe Dragons 2

                     brigstowe dragons 2 thumb






From Nomadic Delirium Press

The Union Man and Other Stories                                                 The Spirit of Mars








Self-published by me and free!

Consarn Christmas and Other Stories.                                Choices and Other Stories







Five Little Horrors.                                                                                                     Arnos Hell

ba12ea7588f673d12c9c9df936bd734ce1c640bc-thumbArnos Hell bookcover







All You Need is Yesterday (short story)

All you need is yesterday


Fixing Forcalquier 

Fixing Forcalquier