Book Reviews

On this page I have put links to the many book reviews I have written for sfcrowsnest. I have put individual links to each review to make it easy. sfcrowsnest is a great site with loads of great reviews and stacks of information on what’s happening in the worlds of SF, fantasy, horror and anything else that tickles the nerd palate.
So here are the review links:



SF and Fantasy Magazines

My favourite category. SF and Fantasy magazines, whether monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly from a small press or a big publisher are the foundation of the field. Isaac Asimov, Robert A. Heinlein, Arthur C. Clark, Frank Herbert and all the other greats got their start in magazines. They’re a place for new writers to start out and hone their craft. I also think the short story is a great form for SF and Fantasy, a great way to put over one idea in a compact form with real punch. And of course, I write for them. Click the blue links to get to the reviews on SFcrowsnest.

My favourite magazine is Perihelion SF, mostly because they have bought eight of my stories. Editor Sam Bellotto, Jr. favours old-fashioned optimistic science-fiction and is also fond of a bit of humour. Click the link for my review of the April 2017 issue. I should mention that I never review mags with a story from me in them. Wouldn’t be quite cricket, what?

Alien Dimensions calls itself an anthology but really it’s a magazine with a different theme, loosely applied, every issue. Old fashioned hard SF with a bent for adventure and space opera, it’s great fun. Here’s a review of issue #11.

Phantaxis is terrific. I was meaning to read it for ages and when I finally got round to it was astonished at the quality. Some of the stories could have come from much more prestigious magazines but that is often the case. The byways of SF magazine fiction are littered with gems. Here’s my review of Phantaxis #5 May 2017.

Frostfire Worlds is a magazine for young people aged 8 – 17 put out by Alban Lake Publishing. They have quite a few magazines going including a lot of poetry. I can’t pretend that Frostfire is amazing, terrific and fantastic but it’s pretty darn good and getting kids reading can only be a good thing.

Spaceports and Spidersilk is for younger children. It’s put out by Nomadic Delirium Press and sometimes includes my Sneezy stories about the adventures a large telepathic cat on a colony world. Spaceports is very cheap and a good read for the little ones. Editor Marcie Tentchoff is careful to ensure that content is suitable.



Graphic Novels, comics and books or films about comics and creators

Kirby: King of Comics by Mark Evanier – A great volume now available in softback which tells the life story of Jack Kirby, co-creator of The Fantastic Four, Thor and many other characters now on the silver screen.

Future Shock: The Story of 2000AD — A fascinating film for fans of the British comic, featuring interviews with many of the creators  and loads of background information on the exciting characters like Judge Dredd.