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On Platforms

All my self-published books are free now. I've given up trying to sell them and I've given up trying to build a platform. Either they don't sell and I have no readers and no money or I give them away and have some readers and no money. The latter seems the better option. Mostly, I've … Continue reading On Platforms


Why buy books?

Why buy books when there are so many out there for free? For example, there are these Giveaways currently running with some good stuff in. Instafreebie Christmas in July (ends July 31 2018) Mysterious Science Fact - and Fiction (ends July 17 2018! Hurry, hurry, hurry!) Bookfunnel  July Fantasy Extravaganza (ends July 31 2018)   … Continue reading Why buy books?

Smashwords Summer Sale!

Smashwords have a sale on with not-very-old magazines going for a dollar. Alban Lake Publishing has some good stuff going cheap. I bought a copy of Bloodbond (May 2018) for just $1. Bloodbond features stories about vampires, werewolves and shapeshifters. Also for a dollar, Disturbed Digest (June 2018). Horror and the macabre. Of course, there's … Continue reading Smashwords Summer Sale!