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Plenty to choose from! Still the best value!

Plenty to choose from! Still the best value! That was an old publisher blurb on children's hardbacks long ago, written on the cover of Just William by Richmal Crompton. I always remember it. I think it was on Coral Island, Treasure Island and Black Beauty too, and they were all good value. Good old Instafreebie the … Continue reading Plenty to choose from! Still the best value!


‘It’s only science-fiction: it doesn’t have to make sense.’

I always lose weight in summer because when it's hot you eat less and I'm more active in the garden. However, my recent weight loss worried my girlfriend a bit as I am shedding pounds without trying. (It doesn't worry me.) (They say put some images in your post so here is one of Big, … Continue reading ‘It’s only science-fiction: it doesn’t have to make sense.’

Kzine number 24 features ‘The Bed’

Kzine is a great little magazine of short fiction produced in the UK. The latest issue features my horror story 'The Bed' about a house clearance man who falls in love with an ancient bed and takes it home to his unloving wife. Well, the editor like it.   Kzine is available at Amazon US … Continue reading Kzine number 24 features ‘The Bed’

Brigstowe Dragons 3 out now.

Alban Lake Publishing has recently released Brigstowe Besieged, the third book in The Brigstowe Dragons saga. Like the other two, it's not too long, just a novella. Get it here At the moment it's only available at Alban Lake's own Infinite Realms Bookstore for $8. On the other hand, you could buy all three … Continue reading Brigstowe Dragons 3 out now.

Searching for Space Jesus: “For All These Worlds, a Messiah” Printed in Latest Issue of Outposts of Beyond

I also have a story in this book – Bysen the Beggar Girl. It’s set in the world of The Brigstowe Dragons. Mike Morgan writes entertaining SF and I recommend his work.

perpetual state of mild panic

Outposts of Beyond Jan 2019

Priests in space!!!

My story For All These Worlds, a Messiah is now available in the latest issue of Outposts of Beyond, a biannual science fiction magazine published by Alban Lake Publishing. I say magazine, but with this issue, it has switched to being a 190-page long book – a very substantial, very impressive publication that’s well worth your time.

Any description of this story is liable to sound like the opening line of a joke: “A Catholic priest and a Benedictine monk go looking for Jesus in space…” It could’ve been worse – they could’ve been walking into a bar.

As for the Jesus part, that’s the fault of the 40th century CE monk. He reasons that the Lord would want each planet with sapient life to have its own incarnated redeemer, its very own version of Jesus Christ. If they can happen upon a world where that savior…

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Why write when there are plenty of stories already?

Why write when there are plenty of stories already? Frankly, I don't know. Why should people read my five thousand words of fluff when there are a million stories out there already, many of them free? You can get most of the classics for peanuts or nothing as ebooks. A person with literary tastes is … Continue reading Why write when there are plenty of stories already?