Star Trek: TNG – ‘The Measure of a Man’

The Horror Channel on Freeview shows old Star Trek in a kind of never-ending cycle and currently they’re doing The Next Generation so I’m watching it again. In the modern era of gore and terrifying drama it is…well, nice. Klingons are annoying and the episodes set in the Holodeck don’t do anything for me but about half of it is pretty good.
In a coincidental collision of fiction this week I watched the second series episode ‘The Measure of a Man’ where it’s decided that Data is more than a thing. This reminded me of my favourite Heinlein story ‘Jerry was a Man’ and then I received the latest On Spec and read Al Onia’s excellent story ‘Rising Cold’ in which chimpanzees are being frozen in a Cryo lab. They’re human enough to be used for experiments but not so human as to have rights. This sort of thing happens now, sadly.
Android rights may be an important issue in the 21st century. Human rights are already a bone of contention. Some reactionaries like Heinlein thought you couldn’t just vote yourself the right to a nice life, you had to earn it.


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