Brexit death threat oddballs

I see on the news that Anna Soubry has received death threats for daring to rebel against the government.

This ‘rebellion’ consisted of demanding that Parliament have a vote on any Brexit deal proposed.

The avowed purpose of Brexit was to restore sovereignty to the U.K. Parliament.

Anna Soubry voted to restore sovereignty to the U.K. Parliament in this matter.

Some mad Brexiteers have issued death threats.

So Brexiteers are in favour of Parliament being sovereign as long as it does what they want. Most politicians were Remainers, though they have spinelessly yielded to that stupid Referendum which spineless David Cameron did to appease the mad half of his party in case they defected to U.K.I.P. and the hypocrite Nigel Farage who has taken thousands of pounds in salary – with a fat pension to come – from an organization he despises.  The lies they told are becoming clearer every day and many of those who voted to leave did so because they didn’t like the government, not because of the issue itself.

And now we have the prospect of being in the single market, being in the customs union, being under the jurisdiction of the European courts for a while longer and having pretty much the same free movement of people as before. Oh yes, and we get to pay a fee too. I’m in favour of all that but it’s the same terms and conditions as being members but with no vote on anything.

Why don’t we just stay in?

I saw the ex-head of MI5 on Newsnight and he said the Europeans should be happy that we’re going as now they can go ahead with the European Superstate that we always blocked. I think he’s right about that and I think they will. Britain will be a poor little island in a world of superpowers dreaming of empires past.

Rule Britannia. God save Harry and Megan.



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