I’m currently reading a very good book –  The Kennedy Brothers – about Bobby and Jack Kennedy and their father’s links to the Mafia. There’s also lot’s of stuff about the C.I.A. and the F.B.I. under J.Edgar Hoover. All this is old news by now but it goes to show how imperfect American politics was even when the average citizen thought it was a golden age – Camelot indeed.

Just before the election there was a good program on the BBC by Rich Hall on the Presidency. He was interviewing a Clinton aid who was asked by Bill how he should handle the Monica Lewinsky crisis. His advisor said he could point out that FDR wasn’t faithful to his wife, Eisenhower wasn’t faithful to his and Kennedy certainly wasn’t faithful to his so therefore Bill was next in a long line of great Presidents.

Clinton did not think this would be a good statement.

What will Trump do with power? We’ll have to wait and see.